Pork IS the other white meat. I love pork and so should you. It’s sweet and delicious Depending on the cut pork can be roasted, broiled, grilled, poached or braised. Ham comes from the leg of a pig. The tenderest pieces of pork or any animal come from the area where the animal does the least amount of physical labor.
Fresh pork should be moist and firm to the touch. The loin should be pale with tinge of some pink. The loin is best cut really. Check out the below chart for your porking needs. 160F for Sausages, ground and ham
Fresh hamRoast, braise, simmer, broil, panfry160F
Fresh ham, skinnedRange from bland to salty to firm to tender160F
Fresh ham, boneless, tiedRoast, braised160F
BellySauté, panfry, simmer145F
ShoulderRoast, braise, simmer, broil, panfry145F
LoinRoast, braise, panfry145F
Loin, center cutRoast, braise, panfry, sauté, braise, grill145F
TenderloinRoast, braise, grill, panfry, sauté145F
SpareribsBraise, smoke, broil, grill145F
Loin back ribsBraise, smoke, broil, grill145F
Loin, country style ribsBraise, broil, grill145F
Diced porkBraise, simmer, sauté145F
Ground porkRoast, sauté, panfry160F
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