Lamb is the meat of a sheep less than a year old. The best lamb is fresh and young. The meat of a sheep over two years old is known as mutton. Cook lamb on the same day you buy it, as it doesn’t keep very long. When choosing lamb look for moist meat that ranges in color from pink to pale red. See the below chart for more help.
RAREMedium RareMedium MWellWell Done
RoastsChopsSteaks 120° to 125°F45º to 50º CCenter is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion130° to 135°F55º to 60º  CCenter is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion140° to 145°F60º to 65º CCenter is light pink, outer portion is brown150° to 155°F65º to 70º CNot pink anywhere160°F and above70º and aboveSteak is uniformly brown throughout
Ground  ****160° to 165°FNo longer pink, uniformly brown throughout
RackRoast, grill, broil, panfry
BreastRoast, grill, broil, panfry
Ribs, Denver StyleBraised, simmer, broil, panfry
LoinsRoast, grill, broil, panfry, sauté
LegsRoast, braise, grill, broil, pan-broil, panfry. Sauté
Leg, bonelessRoast
Lamb for stewingRoast, broil, simmer
Lamb for kebobsRoast, broil, grill
Ground LambRoast, panfry
SirloinPanfry, sauté
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