The USDA/Canada grade is based on tenderness and juiciness. The top grades are:

• USDA PRIME     = Canada PRIME
• USDA CHOICE  = Canada  AAA
• USDA SELECT   =  Canada  AA

 Rare    Medium-Rare  Medium   Medium-Well Well-Done
Roasts, Chops and Steaks120° to 125°F45° to 50° CCenter is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion130° to 135°F55° to 60°  CCenter is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion140° to 145°F60° to 65° CCenter is light pink, outer portion is brown150° to 155°F65° to 70° CNot pink anywhere160°F and above70° C and aboveSteak is uniformly brown throughout
Ground Beef and Veal ****160° to 165°FNo longer pink, uniformly brown throughout

Don’t go for anything less than Select because it’s dog food grade. The tenderest cuts of beef come from the muscles that aren’t used much. A nice flavorful cut of beef will have some nice fat throughout (marbling effect.) You want that because it adds flavor. The beef should be look red and be firm to the touch.

Before cooking beef let it rise to room temperature after taking it out of the refrigerator.

Medium Rare-128F | Medium-135F | Medium Well-145F
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