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Select & Cook Pork


What to look for….

Pork IS the other white meat. I love pork and so should you. It’s sweet and delicious Depending on the cut pork can be roasted, broiled, grilled, poached or braised. Ham comes from the leg of a pig. The tenderest pieces of pork or any animal come from the area where the animal does the least amount of physical labor.

Fresh pork should be moist and firm to the touch. The loin should be pale with tinge of some pink. The loin is best cut really. Check out the below chart for your porking needs.

 Cut of PORK               Cooking Method

Fresh ham Roast, braise, simmer, broil, panfry
Fresh ham, skinned Range from bland to salty to firm to tender
Fresh ham, boneless, tied Roast, braised
Belly Sauté, panfry, simmer
Shoulder Roast, braise, simmer, broil, panfry
Loin Roast, braise, panfry
Loin, center cut Roast, braise, panfry, sauté, braise, grill
Tenderloin Roast, braise, grill, panfry, sauté
Spareribs Braise, smoke, broil, grill
Loin back ribs Braise, smoke, broil, grill
Loin, country style ribs Braise, broil, grill
Diced pork Braise, simmer, sauté
Ground pork Roast, sauté, panfry


            Cooking / Serving Temperatures


Roasts, Steaks & Chops 140° to 145°FPale pink center


* 160°FNo longer pink
Ham Raw * 160º F70º C
Ham Cooked 140º F   60º C