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Select & Cook Lamb


What to look for…

Lamb is the meat of a sheep less than a year old. The best lamb is fresh and young. The meat of a sheep over two years old is known as mutton. Cook lamb on the same day you buy it, as it doesn’t keep very long. When choosing lamb look for moist meat that ranges in color from pink to pale red. See the below chart for more help.

Cut of Lamb                                                                         Cooking Method

Rack Roast, grill, broil, panfry
Breast Roast, grill, broil, panfry
Ribs, Denver Style Braised, simmer, broil, panfry
Loins Roast, grill, broil, panfry, sauté
Legs Roast, braise, grill, broil, pan-broil, panfry. Sauté
Leg, boneless Roast
Lamb for stewing Roast, broil, simmer
Lamb for kebobs Roast, broil, grill
Ground Lamb Roast, panfry
Sirloin Panfry, sauté


Cooking / serving temperatures


                                       Rare                     Medium-Rare         Medium          Medium-Well    Well-Done

RED MEATS          




120° to 125°F

45º to 50º C

Center is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion

130° to 135°F

55º to 60º  C

Center is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion

140° to 145°F

60º to 65º C

Center is light pink, outer portion is brown

150° to 155°F

65º to 70º C

Not pink anywhere

160°F and above

70º and above

Steak is uniformly brown throughout

Ground  * * * * 160° to 165°F

No longer pink, uniformly brown throughout