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Select & Cook Beef

Cuts of Beef


I love beef. Pretty much I can say that about all food. However, there is nothing like a tender, juicy steak or hamburger. Damn delicious. Beef is high in protein.
Look for the grade. The USDA/Canada grade is based on tenderness and juiciness. The top grades are:

• USDA PRIME                           Canada PRIME
• USDA CHOICE                        Canada  AAA
• USDA SELECT                        Canada  AA

Don’t go for anything less than Select because it’s dog food grade. The tenderest cuts of beef come from the muscles that aren’t used much. A nice flavorful cut of beef will have some nice fat throughout (marbling effect.) You want that because it adds flavor. The beef should be look red and be firm to the touch.

Before cooking beef let it rise to room temperature after taking it out of the refrigerator. To add flavor you can soak your meat in some sort of love. Okay I mean marinate your beef in liquid. Wine, beer, juices. Sometimes you’ll want to beat your meat to tenderize it.

Here are some basic beef cuts and cooking methods: Cooking/serving temperatures to follow.



Cut of Beef Characteristics Cooking Method
Porterhouse T-Bone Tender Broil, grill, panfry
Top Loin Steak Tender Broil, grill, panfry, stir-fry
Tri-Tip Tender (should marinate first to tender unless braising) Broil, grill, panfry, roast
Sirloin Steak Tender Broil, grill, panfry (whole or cubed)
Rib eye Steak Tender Broil, grill, panfry
Flank Steak Less tender Broil, panfry
Skirt Steak Less tender Broil, grill, panfry
Cubed Steak Less tender Panfry, stir-fry, roast
Chuck Roast Roasting
Round Tip Tender Broil, grill, panfry, stir fry
Brisket Roast Braise, roast
Eye Round Steak Less tender Broil, grill, panfry
Ground Beef Tender All cooking methods
Beef for Kabobs Less tender Broil, grill
Beef for Stews Less tender Braise, roast

Cooking Temperatures

  Rare     Medium-Rare   Medium    Medium-Well  Well-Done
RED MEATS (Beef, Veal)          
Roasts, Chops and Steaks 120° to 125°F

45° to 50° C

Center is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion

130° to 135°F

55° to 60°  C

Center is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion

140° to 145°F

60° to 65° C

Center is light pink, outer portion is brown

150° to 155°F

65° to 70° C

Not pink anywhere

160°F and above

70° C and above

Steak is uniformly brown throughout

Ground Beef and Veal  * * * * 160° to 165°F

No longer pink, uniformly brown throughout

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